Support That Makes a Difference
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The work we do in the human services field involves using our skills, training and personality to support and enable our clients to manage better in their lives.  In order to be effective in this very rewarding but demanding work, it is essential to preserve our own physical and mental well-being.

Clinical supervision involves the provision of consistent protected time for the detailed reflection of your clinical practice, facilitated by an experienced clinician. Utilising this protected time guards against burnout and professional isolation and engenders a supportive environment for your work.


Supervision is a working partnership between us. I will provide you with a consistent, reflective space in which to jointly explore issues that concern you.  The sessions are intended to be facilitative and supportive.

Aims of supervision:

  • Maintain creativity and enthusiasm for what you do.

  • Increase competency, skills and  effectiveness at work.

  • Achieve a healthy balance of employer/employee demands.

  • Gain insight into the client/therapist relationship.

  • Increase knowledge and learning in your field.

I offer Clinical Supervision to the following groups of professionals:

  • Psychologists

  • Art Therapists

  • Counsellors

  • Social Workers

  • Mental Health Workers